The Azores’ Most Surprising Secret

A beautiful photo of Azores island
Photo by Martin Munk on Unsplash

When you think of places where pineapples are cultivated, what comes to mind? The mental image of warm, tropical places such as Hawaii or Costa Rica is probably the first thing you’ll think of.

What you certainly won’t think of, without a doubt, is Europe. But the Portuguese island of Sao Miguel in the Azores Islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean has a secret that you’ll be fascinated by and have to check out on your next trip here.

Despite the relatively cool weather and rainy, cloudy conditions that this Portuguese island usually experiences, Sao Miguel has turned into a place where pineapples are cultivated, grown, and sold. They are known for their sweet taste and good quality, often being served at royal Portuguese dinners and special occasions in the 20th century.

This tradition continues to this day and can be experienced by travelers to Sao Miguel. Ananás Arruda, Plantação de Ananás dos Açores, and Ananás de Santo António are a few of the places where you’ll be able to see the unique growing method involving greenhouses and careful monitoring that is still used to this day.

These plantations offer up free, guided tours of their facilities and are a great place to buy pineapples, as well as pineapple products such as soda and ice cream.

Be sure to make time to visit one of these unique and fascinating pineapple plantations if you’re planning a trip to the Azores and Sao Miguel!