2021’s Hottest Caribbean Destinations

Who among you can’t wait for the travel industry to finally go back to normal and visit all your bucket list destinations? As recent news about a vaccine sound promising, we’re all hoping for the pandemic to end soon and our travel plans to make sense again. If your dream destination is the Caribbean, here are the best destination you can visit in 2021.


Who doesn’t want to go to Cuba at least once? Cuba is beautiful and has a rich history. Its capital, Havana, looks like it belongs to the past century and the historical tours are a must.

Havana, Cuba. Photo by Spencer Everett on Unsplash


Aruba is a dream destination for a paradise vacation. It has everything you could need—turquoise waters, incredible natural pools, and white sandy beaches. Aruba actually belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands—it’s one of the four countries it consists of.

Eagle Beach, Aruba. Photo by David Troeger on Unsplash

Puerto Rico

It’s easy to fall in love with Puerto Rico. The 16th-century citadels and castles provide an insight into the history, there’s truly incredible nature, and food is one of the best in the Caribbean. San Juan is the perfect place to start your adventure.