You Need to Visit These Music Festivals in Africa

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Africa is a massive continent, full of countries that are doing amazing things in music and art. If you’ve ever wanted a reason to visit a place, going to one of these music festivals should definitely be on your list.

Sauti za Busara

Sauti za Busara means “sounds of wisdom” and is the largest music festival in East Africa. Located in the Stone Town of Zanzibar, there’s nothing cooler than being on an island and hearing all sorts of amazing music! The festival happens every February, and if you’ve ever needed an excuse to go to the gorgeous island, now’s your chance to start planning.

Rocking the Daisies

Rocking the Daisies is a festival in the Western Cape of South Africa, and it is the biggest festival of its kind in the country. In the past, there have been huge international names on the lineup, and they always have a ton of different stages with all sorts of acts. They even have a comedy stage, which is always a fun addition to a festival.


This festival in Swaziland combines music, art, theater, and more, and it’s totally family friendly! A lot of traditions get put into the festival, so it’s a really cool cultural experience for people of all ages.