You Have to Check Out the Only Japanese BBQ Restaurant in all of Europe!

A lot of people have heard of Korean BBQ, but have you heard of Japanese? It is similar, but unique in its own ways, and you can only find it in one restaurant in all of Europe.

The restaurant is called Rokuseki and it’s in the city of Vigo in Spain, and it’s definitely worth going to.

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Cena yakiniku el sábado pasado 🇯🇵

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The original restaurant is inside the Mercado Progresso, and it is such an interesting setup. There is sit down bar seating surrounding the interior of the small restaurant, and there are charcoal slabs in the center and up onto the small divider wall. This is because you have the option of getting a small charcoal grill to grill your own choice of meats!

There are tons of different cuts to choose from, and the menu is on an iPad so you can actually see what each cut looks like and how much marbling there is. The menu also has other amazing options like delicious udon, rice dishes, and the softest mochi you’ve ever had.

There’s also going to be another Rokuseki opening soon in another spot in Vigo since people love it so much! So make sure you check out this awesome city and go to the only Japanese BBQ restaurant Europe has to offer!