You Have to Check Out the Estate Where Rockefeller Used to Live in NY!

Kykuit is the former home of oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller, who is still considered to be the richest human in the world. His estate spans almost 250 acres right on the Hudson River, and it is truly one of the most magnificent homes in the country and should not be missed!

Kykuit is in Westchester County, New York, which is a suburb just north of New York City. This house is so uniquely magnificent not only because of the enormity of the property and the house itself but because of the immense art collection visitors are welcome to peruse at the estate. There are pieces of art in every medium inside the house and scattered throughout the property and gardens, making it feel like a museum experience unlike any other.

Not only is the house and grounds incredible, but the views are outstanding on their own. The Hudson River is surrounded by lush greenery, and going to Kykuit gives you a wonderful feeling of being out in nature, while still only being a short train ride away from Manhattan. So if you happen to be visiting New York, make sure you take a day and go check out Kykuit.