You Can’t Visit Petra, Jordan Without Stepping Through Al-Siq

Photo by Sarah BOBAN on Unsplash

Petra is one of the most beautiful ancient cities in the world and Jordan’s most impressive historical landmark. It’s one of those magical places everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime, and you can’t get here before passing through a narrow canyon called Al-Siq.

This natural passage will lead you to the breathtaking temples and other sites that Petra is known for, but it’s just as impressive as everything you’ll find inside. This narrow gorge reaches up to 80 meters in height, while its width varies between three and 12 meters.

It’s a 1.2 kilometers walk through Al-Siq before you see the city of Petra emerging in the distance. It’s truly a walk to remember, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you found yourself trembling with excitement along the way because the gate of Jordan’s most magnificent city is only a few steps away.

Its connection to Petra isn’t the only thing that makes Al-Siq so impressive. If you feel it looks familiar, it’s probably because it resembles other world-famous slot canyons, such as Arizona’s Antelope Canyon. But what makes it different than most of them is the fact it wasn’t shaped by water, but by natural tectonic forces.