Yerevan, Armenia’s Most Iconic Sights

Yerevan, Armenia. Photo by Artak Petrosyan on Unsplash

Yerevan, Armenia might not be the most popular destination for tourists, but it has so much to see and do. This capital, surrounded by gorgeous mountains, has over a million residents and all kinds of beauty that visitors can enjoy.

If you are heading to Yerevan, don’t leave without seeing these three gorgeous sights. 

Mother Armenia

Yerevan’s most famous monument is “Mother Armenia,” a massive 167-foot tall monument that serves as a personification of the country and its struggle. Located in Victory Park, you will also find great views of the city from the hill upon which it is located.

Republic Square

Yerevan’s central town square has been around for nearly 100 years and serves as the heart of the city. Gorgeous government buildings and a couple of museums serve as the backdrop for this meeting spot, which brims with children playing in fountains during hot summer days.

Cascade Complex

This giant limestone stairway connects the center of downtown Yerevan with the Monument neighborhood and leads up to the Cafesjian Museum of Art. You will find modernist sculptures from artists like Fernando Botero as well as beautiful fountains in this gorgeous spot.