Why St. Louis is an Underratedly Great Place to See Wildlife

Penguins at the St. Louis zoo
Photo by Alin Andersen on Unsplash

If you’re an animal lover living in America, you don’t have to mope and complain that your country has no wildlife. Sure, when it comes to continents where wildlife is known to exist most, places like Africa come to mind. But the United States has a surprisingly high number of cities where you can see some incredible animals—especially St. Louis.

The St. Louis Zoo

The St. Louis Zoo is arguably one of the best zoos in all of America, and it’s completely free to visit. Its aviary section is historically prominent, so if you’re someone who has a fondness for birds, head on down to the Midwest and see what they have to offer. In addition, the zoo sports an astonishing 600 species of animals, including cheetahs, grizzly bears, and anything you can think of!

Lone Elk Park

If you want to see wildlife outside of the zoo, you can also check out Lone Elk Park, where you can see both bison and elk. The park has been around since 1973, and there’s a reason its still going strong.

Mississippi Flyway

Visit this St. Louis area if you still haven’t seen enough birds. Not only does it have its own birding trail, but the Audubon Center at Riverlands is one of the most popular aviary attractions in all of America.