Cyprus Opens First Underwater Museum In the Mediterranean

If you’re headed to Cyprus this summer, particularly Aiya Napa, you can combine diving, snorkeling, and art in the Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Napa (MUSAN). The first underwater museum in the Mediterranean is the latest project of the British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, who is well known for his underwater museums and exhibits.

Located 200 meters off the coast of Aiya Napa in the eastern part of Cyprus, MUSAN depicts an underwater world with a forest of trees, children at play, and other whimsical characters. Like all of deCaires Taylor’s work, MUSAN examines the impact of man on the natural world. Each sculpture is made from pH-neutral materials, so no harm is caused to the surrounding environment. In fact, the structures will provide shelter for marine life, as they will be covered in biomass over time.

“I firmly believe that Jason’s 93 artworks will be a haven for many sea creatures and will contribute to the development of biodiversity in the area,” said Marine Argyrou, director of the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research, in a statement to My Modern Met. In other words, this work of art will only get better as time goes by.