Whitewater Rafting: A Great Summer Plan in the Smokies

Going white water rafting
Photo by Jonatan Lewczuk on Unsplash

The Great Smoky Mountains region of the southeastern United States, shared between the states of North Carolina and Tennessee, is a popular summer vacation destination for people all over the country and the world.

The lush green mountains, rushing rivers, and majestic waterfalls make for an idyllic travel destination that only gets better during the summer.

One of our favorite activities to do whenever we visit the Smoky Mountains as a sports and adventure lover is whitewater rafting.

So, what is this activity? Whitewater rafting consists of an inflatable raft which is filled with a group of people, including a guide, which goes down a challenging stretch of river which can be filled with rocks, rapids, and unexpected drops!

A heart-racing adventure, the type of river needed for this type of activity exists throughout the Smoky Mountains region. From the Pigeon River in Tennessee to the French Broad River in North Carolina, you will find plenty of outfitters which offer up trips led by professional guides and with all the material you’ll need included.

If you want to get your pulse racing with a group of friends or family on your next trip to the Smokies in the beauty of this area’s nature, you can’t go wrong with a whitewater rafting trip. Give it a try!