Where To Try The Best Coffee In Columbia

Colombian Coffee
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Did you know that Colombia is the third-largest coffee producer in the world? This country takes its coffee seriously, and once you’ve had a taste, there’s no going back. From hip cafes to coffee plantations, here are some of the best places to explore.

Bogotá – The Urban Coffee Hub

Bogotá, Colombia’s high-altitude capital, has dozens of trendy coffee shops that serve up more than just a great brew. In neighborhoods like Chapinero and La Candelaria, you’ll find a vibrant coffee culture that blends traditional flavors with modern brewing techniques. To start, check out Amor Perfecto for their award-winning beans. 

Medellín – The City of Eternal Spring

Medellín pleasant climate year-round has earned it the nickname “City of Eternal Spring,” ideal for enjoying a cup of coffee in one of its many open-air cafes. Check out Pergamino Café in the chic Poblado district for the perfect cup. 

Salento – The Heart of Coffee Country

No coffee tour of Colombia would be complete without a visit to Salento. This picturesque town is surrounded by coffee farms where you can learn about the entire coffee production process, from bean to cup. Don Elias Coffee Farm, for example, offers informative tours in English and Spanish, giving visitors a hands-on experience with coffee harvesting and processing.