Where To Eat The Best Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago

Giordano's Pizza, Chicago, Illinois, US
Giordano's Pizza, Chicago, Illinois, US. Photo by Matt Antonioli on Unsplash

Among many other notorious things, Chicago is widely known for its deep-dish pizza scene. Whether you’re from there or just visiting, a trip to Chicago without indulging in a deep-dish pizza would be amiss. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the best deep dish pizza joints throughout Chicago. Keep reading for some of our favorites.


Giordano’s takes the old school version of a classic Italian restaurant and puts its own modern spin on it. They’re a well-known chain around Chicago, offering classics such as the Chicago Classic Deep Dish, layered in yards of cheese piled on top of fresh fluffy dough. This pizza takes diners to a whole new level.


Labrola recently made its way into the Deep Dish scene in Chicago in 2015, offering diners a unique twist on an old time classic. Their pies are on the crispier side, with slightly burnt cheese and piled how with toppings such as sausage and mushrooms.

Uncle Jerry’s Pizza Company

This unique spot is located in a butchers shop, and offers diners a unique deep dish experience featuring a slightly sweet sauce and cupped pepperoni, and pies glazed with habanero honey.