When it Comes to Traveling, Trains are the Way to Go

Photo by Jack Anstey on Unsplash

When people think of trains, you might think of an old-time-y movie or book in a time where trains were more popular and used.

Well, trains are still very much in use, and if you’re traveling and have access to one you should definitely take it!

Train travel is amazing for so many reasons and it’s really worth ditching a plane for it.


Especially if you’re going somewhere that is less than 300 miles away, trains are always going to be the more environmentally conscious choice.

Planes that fly 300 miles or less are especially volatile to the environment because of the high amount of fuel they need during takeoff and landing, and since it’s a short route for a plane, it’s really detrimental.

Even if you’re going more than 300 miles, trains still emit at least 50% less carbon than planes.


Although you might catch a glimpse of a few mountains or landscapes while you’re flying, there’s nothing like being on the ground and watching the scenery pass by right next to you.

Especially if you’re going somewhere new, the experience of seeing new places right on the ground is a treat in and of itself.


With planes, you always have to worry about how much stuff you have and how much it all weighs. But, with trains, you can put your mind at ease and bring all the liquids you want!