What to do if Your Luggage is Missing

Yellow suitcase abandoned at the airport terminal
Photo by Liu Revutska on Unsplash

Going on vacation can be exciting. Still, this feeling of joy can quickly fade when you’ve disembarked from your flight, headed to baggage collection as your bag just doesn’t seem to arrive. Still, you don’t have to feel helpless when you’re in this situation. Here is what you can do if your baggage is missing or delayed.

Report It

When you received your boarding pass, you would have also received a baggage tag to verify that you handed your luggage in. The first thing you should do is report your missing bag to the information desk as well as your airline. Many airlines have a desk at the baggage claim area where you can file a Property Irregularity Report (PIR).

Know Your Rights

If your bags cannot be recovered, it’s important to understand that your airline will be liable to compensate you for any reasonable expenses arising from this issue. This could include buying supplies such as toiletries during the time that your baggage is missing.

Claim Your Coverage

Although the airline is liable to compensate you for your missing items if they are not recovered, then the one qualifying factor is that the expenses must be “reasonable.” Make sure to assess how much your expenses may be so that you know exactly how much you are owed.