Screenshot via Nejla Yatkin/YouTube

Some people use their leisure time to travel while others do it as a part of their work. Billions of people around the world enjoy traveling and exploring other parts of our planet, and one of them found a way to connect travel to her other passion—dance.

Nejla Yatkin is a professional dancer and choreographer who traveled to 20 countries to dance in public places. Her performances are breathtaking and they’re now a part of the video called Dancing Around the World that you can watch below.

Dancing in public spaces is a beautiful way to be present with your surroundings, as Yatkin says in the video. By being present with the place, yourself, and others, you slowly shift the energy around you. Because you start paying attention to the environment, by opening up all your senses to that place, you start engaging with the environment through your movement and other people who pass by are surprised and awaken by that daydream and they might see something new.

“Two years ago I embarked on a journey of a lifetime with Dancing Around the World when I visited 19 countries to take dance to the people, but also to discover why people dance. In each location we created site-specific performances with local dancers to make it more accessible to people, and we documented the experience through short videos, interviews, and group workshops,” she wrote on her website.