Volcano Lovers Have to Visit These Three Spots in Honduras

Yojoa, Honduras.
Yojoa, Honduras. Photo by Héctor Emilio Gonzalez on Unsplash

Volcanoes can be found in pretty much every country in Central America, and Honduras is no different. It’s home to several volcanoes and formations of volcanic origin, and here are three that every nature lover should check out during their visit to this country.

Tiger Island

If you only have enough time to visit a single volcano while in Honduras, it should be Isla el Tigre aka Tiger Island. This symmetrical conical volcano is a part of the Central America Volcanic Arc, and it’s pretty popular with tourists because it doesn’t have a history of recorded activity.

Utila Island

Utila is another tiny tropical island that will win you over with its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Its volcanic origin isn’t so obvious at the first glance, but its eastern end is actually capped by a thin veneer of basaltic volcanic rocks, which erupted from several pyroclastic cones.

Lake Yojoa

Honduras’ largest lake is volcanic in origin and it lies in a depression formed by volcanoes. Its volcanic field consists of scoria cones, craters, and lava flows, but that doesn’t diminish its beauty and its surrounding area offers walking trails, kayaking, and fishing to visitors.