Visit These Towns for an Extreme Experience

Photo by Deborah Schildt on Unsplash

People who live in the following places have to adapt to isolation and extreme cold, but in return, they get untouched nature and healthy fresh air. If you need to take a few days off and get yourself together, this is where you should go! 

Oymyakon, Siberia  

This small village of 500 inhabitants is located in Siberia, and it’s considered to be the coldest inhabited place in the world. It won its title back in 1933 when the temperature dropped to 90 degrees below zero. People mostly eat seal meat here. 

Cape York, Australia  

There is a big chunk of Australia that is still untouched, and part of that is the far north. Cape York consists of forests, savannas, and deserts, and it’s home to many different animal species. There are also about 18,000 people living in the area, most of them native Australians. 

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Utqiagvik, Alaska  

The city of Utqiagvik in Alaska (formerly Barrow) is home to about 4,000 strong, resilient people. Due to the eternal ice, there are no roads that lead to the city, so if you want to get out, you have to either take a plane or be an extremely good hiker. We recommend taking the plane.