Visit Nepal, Not Just for Mount Everest!

Muktinath, Nepal. Photo by Simon English on Unsplash

Nepal is a small South Asian country that is most famous for having part of the tallest mountain on Earth within its borders, Mount Everest.

Many people come to Nepal to climb this famous mountain, but, in recent years, it’s been so overcrowded that it’s becoming a fatal trek.

But, there is so much more to Nepal than just Mount Everest, and it’s truly a place of great beauty and adventure.

What to Do

Whether you’re a religious person or not, there’s no way you can skip out on seeing the town where Buddha was born.

In the small town of Lumbini, there are several Buddhist temples and monasteries as it is a place of pilgrimage for many Buddhists. The supposed birthplace of Buddha is in the Maya Devi Temple, so try to see it and as much as you can while you’re there.

Onto another religion and region, in Kathmandu, you cannot miss out on seeing the famous Hindu temple called Pashupatinath. This is the most sacred place for Hindus in the entire country and is another place where people make a pilgrimage to.

Just outside of Kathmandu is a small town called Bhaktapur. While it might not seem like much, the real attraction is the town square which is called Potters’ Square.

The city is famous for clay pottery, and the square is where the artisans leave their works out to dry in the sun. So, if you’re a crafty person or are looking for a unique gift to bring home, you have to head to this spot.

If you’re still a nature person but don’t want to train and push yourself to do Everest, there is still plenty of nature to explore in Nepal. One of the best places to go to is Chitwan National Park, which is a national park but also a jungle! While you’re there, you’ll definitely witness amazing wildlife like elephants, crocodiles, interesting birds, and perhaps one of the 600 rhinoceroses that roam the land.

Another wonderful place to visit if you love adventure and being outside is Lake Fewa. This lake is perfect for water sports, or just walking around the perimeter and taking in the beautiful views. Not only is the lake stunning on its own, but you have an up close and personal view of the Himalayan Mountains, which will absolutely take your breath away.


Nepalese food is so delicious, you can’t visit without trying as many traditional dishes as you can.

One thing you will definitely see on the streets is momos, which are a type of dumpling filled with either some type of meat or often vegetables. It’s normally served with a red chili chutney that is to die for, so don’t be afraid to dip in!

One of the most recognized dishes in Nepal is dal bhat, which is a dish with rice, a soup made from lentils with vegetables and chutneys to accompany it.

The best place to get it is from a restaurant called Bhojan Griha in Kathmandu. This restaurant serves you a traditional Nepalese meal in 4 courses, and you will be so glad to have your belly full of traditional goodness.