Visit miner towns in Australia, a very different Outback

Coober Pedy. Australia. Photo by edella/Depositphotos

Stopping at a mining town when planning a visit to the Australian outback isn’t necessarily the first thought you’d have, but there are many of them and they are interesting places to visit if you wish to see another aspect of Australian society.

Mining In Australia

Australia has a rich history and practice of mining, and it was even part of the 1850s period of gold rushes around the world. Australia is one of the world’s largest mining economies — it is a significant provider of Iron Ore, Copper,  and Nickel, and even produces large amounts of Gold, Silver, and Diamonds. 

Towns To Visit

While there are many towns near mines, and where miners live, the more remote the town is, the less general population resides there and the more interesting it would be for you as a visitor. Since we’re talking about fairly remote spots we thought we’d recommend a couple of them to get you started.

Coober Pedy

This is the larger of the two towns, with a population of just under 2,000. It sits in the heart of the world’s largest opal mining region. Don’t miss seeing the underground residences called “dugouts”, typical to this town.


Locally referred to as LA as it’s the biggest town in the area, Laverton’s population is about 300 (a mix of mining folks and Aboriginal people). It is surrounded by mines and can be a unique experience of the outback.