Visit Copenhagen – the Capital of the Happiest Country On Earth!

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Many people know that Denmark is statistically the happiest country on earth. There are many reasons for that, including the high quality of life, easy access to higher education, etc.

Even though Denmark is not known for being a necessarily sunny place to be, the sun sets around 3 in the afternoon in the winter, it is still the happiest place on earth.

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen celebrates the Danish culture through the cuisine, infamous architecture, and general attitude you feel the Danes have.

So if you’re ready to put a smile on your face, head over to Copenhagen, Denmark.

What to Do and See

Copenhagen has so many valuable historic contributions to the world, and many famous sites. One of these is the Little Mermaid, named after the 19th-century book written by Hans Christian Anderson, and later turned into a Disney movie. The statue is over 100 years old and is one of the most popular sites in the city.

When you think of Copenhagen, you probably have the image of colorful row houses looking out onto the harbor. Well, that is, in fact, another must-see site in the city! The old harbor, Nyhavn in Danish, is full of 18th-century houses, cafes and coffee shops, the perfect place to sit down and enjoy the view, and of course, snap some photos.

Although the city itself has roots that go back to the 11th-century, Copenhagen has some amazing ultra modern and thought-provoking architecture. The Royal Library is absolutely a site to see, because of it’s strange cubic design and black exterior. Because of this, it is also referred to as the Black Diamond. Not only is it a library, but it also has a cafe, bookshop, restaurant, and hosts many performances, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

The Freetown Christiania is a very interesting neighborhood of Copenhagen. Known as the hippy district of the city, it is a big contrast to the other parts of the city. Go there and eat at one of the quirky cafes, take a beer, or sit by the lake and enjoy the different atmosphere.

Where and What to Eat

Copenhagen has some really incredible restaurants, and the food scene in the city is really phenomenal. If you’re with a big group or simply by yourself without a clue what to eat, go to the Copenhagen Street Food, or Papiröen, which is a good market that has over 40 stalls of all different kinds of food.

If you happen to be in the city during the summer, you have to go to Kayak Bar. This restaurant and bar combination is the perfect place to soak in the sun, with picnic-style tables and awesome food and drinks.

Probably the most famous Danish dish is the smorrebrød, essentially an open-faced sandwich crafted from the best ingredients possible. If you want a gastronomically curated version of a smorrebrød, head to Palægade. The name of the restaurant is also what the Danes call the topping of the smorrebrød, and this restaurant jazzes up this humble dish with class and elegance.

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