Vietnam’s Golden Bridge Will Take Your Breath Away

Photo by Le Porcs on Unsplash

Some of the world’s most beautiful bridges have to be seen to be believed, and that’s certainly the case with the Golden Bridge in Vietnam. This incredible structure is straight out of a fairy tale and it looks like two giant stone hands are holding it.

This magnificent bridge is located inside the Bà Nà Hills resort and offers amazing panoramic views of the surrounding area. It connects the cable car station with the gardens, making it easier for tourists to avoid the steep incline.

The Golden Bridge looks like it’s been around for centuries, but it’s actually a fairly new tourist attraction. It was designed by a company called TA Landscape Architecture in 2017, and it only took a year to complete it.

The picturesque stone hands don’t come with an incredible backstory, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking them out and making your own memories at Bà Nà Hills.

It’s slowly becoming one of Vietnam’s most Instagram-worthy attractions, and you definitely won’t see anything else like it in this country—or anywhere else in the world.