Use These Three Tips to Save Money on Travel Souvenirs

Photo by Ingo Hamm on Unsplash

If you tend to bring back souvenirs to all your friends and family members at home, they’ll end up being one of the major travel expenses. There are tricks you can use to save some money on all the shot glasses and fridge magnets you’re bringing back home, including these three.

Think Outside the Box

Souvenirs are just a way to show people you thought of them while traveling, and you can do that by giving them something that didn’t cost a fortune. Maps, coins, and banknotes can serve as an amazing present if your friends enjoy collecting them.

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Perfect Plan

Most people buy souvenirs on the spot without thinking ahead, and that’s one of the biggest mistakes they make. Have a budget and a list of people you’re shopping for in mind, and stick to that so you wouldn’t waste more money than you should.

Time to Roam

Unless you’re only staying in a new city for a day or two and don’t have time to roam around, check out several stores before buying your souvenirs. Avoid shops located close to major tourist attractions, because they usually tend to be the most expensive.