Try This Street Food in Singapore

Photo by Kirill Petropavlov on Unsplash

While Singapore’s Tourism Board is advising spending minimal time in closed public spaces, there’s no reason to avoid eating the delicious food we’d normally eat while traveling between different points of interest. Here are a few popular street delicacies to try in Singapore.

Curry Laksa

Street food or not, this is one of the best dishes you can try in Singapore. This is a noodles dish with a special chili-coconut milk broth. Added to this are fried bean curd and any mix of seafood and fish. It’s eaten as a stew with chopped noodles and is quite a delight.

Mud Crab

Also known as Black Crab, this is considered a southern hemisphere delight. It is a crab stir-fried with black pepper or chili sauce.

Hainanese chicken rice

This is Singaporean comfort food. It comprises boiled rice with cooled down boiled chicken, served with chili sauce, sweet soy dip, and ginger sauce. Very simple but simply mouthwatering.


The “king of fruits” is one of those ingredients that we either love or hate. In Singaporean cuisine, it is considered a real treat. You can get it in food stalls fresh, cut open on request, and ready for eating. If you’re not sure, ask the vendor to explain the different varieties.