Traveling to Asturias? Try This Delicious Cider!

Photo by Alejandro Luengo on Unsplash

Traveling to the northwestern Spanish region of Asturias? You definitely have to order a cider.

Most of our conceptions of what alcoholic apple cider is are influenced heavily by sweet, sugar-ladened beverages that are popular throughout much of the world. Mass-produced, popular ciders consumed around the planet such as Apple Bandit and Angry Orchard are sweet ciders, meaning that sugar holds up their flavor profile.

Apple cider from Asturias, though, is totally different.

This cider is tart, funky, and hardly has any sweetness at all. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t an absolutely fantastic version of the drink, however.

Asturian cider is made from locally-grown apples, some of which are tart crab apples and some of which are slightly sweet. The two are combined to form the perfect mix to find a tart but drinkable beverage.

After the juice has been obtained, the cider is left to ferment and mature in barrels throughout a period of about 6 months. Once this process is finished, the cider is served cold in wide-mouthed glasses in small doses.

If you find yourself in Oviedo, the region’s capital, you have to go to the Bulevar de la Sidra. This pedestrian street is home to the city’s best bars to experience small tapas as well as the traditional experience of drinking cider.