Travel Trends to Expect This Fall

Vacation home
Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash

As we enter the fall season, the types of experiences and locations that people are seeking for travel begin to shift from the summer status quo. In this article, we’ll review two of the biggest travel trends that you can look forward to in autumn 2021.


For Americans interested in traveling but limited in their ability to travel abroad due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Florida has proven to be an incredibly popular destination. It’s especially appealing for people who want to extend their sense of summer fun into late summer and fall, as the Florida weather stays beachy well into October and even November.

Vacation Homes

Another huge trend right now in domestic travel is renting vacation homes such as beach rentals and cabins. This is because people are eager to spend time with family and close friends after so much time apart, and the privacy of a vacation home is perfect for reconnecting with loved ones. Plus, with many offering spacious kitchens, barbecue facilities, and game rooms, vacation homes are a great choice for big families who want to cook and play and enjoy time together in a way they can’t quite do when staying in a hotel.