Train Prices Are Almost Just As Expensive As Flights

Train in Seattle, Washington, USA
Photo by Lukas Robertson on Unsplash

Traveling, while truly an exciting thing to do, can also be pretty expensive. In the spirit of keeping with the times, let’s discuss just how much prices have been going up. From inflation to the skyrocketing popularity of tourism, it’s pretty shocking just how expensive flights are right now. But let’s pump the brakes, because this article is about another form of transportation that’s growing in expense—the trains.

No Longer The Better Alternative?

There used to be a time when travelers who were trying to budget themselves took trains instead of flights. This was the economical choice, because train rides were considerably cheaper—a mere fraction of the price—and heck, it was part of the backpacker spirit that encouraged them to opt for the more wholesome, train track route.

But nowadays train ticket prices are no longer as wholesome as they once were. A mere ticket from New York to Boston can cost well over $200, which is what flights used to cost covering the same distance. This has led travelers to give up train rides for the more economical Greyhound bus rides. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, busses are the new trains when it comes to budget-friendly travel options.