Train Chasing in India

Photo by Dibyendu Sekhar Das on Unsplash

There is nothing like traveling in India by train. It is the best way to experience India from north to south, west to east, breathe the changing air between the provinces, taste the food from local vendors who board the train at the various stations, look out the window at the changing landscape, and feel a real sense of freedom.

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Another day at the train station people watching. We find it equally intriguing and exhausting watching locals sprint to their platforms with seconds to spare. As the train departs slowly from the station people leap into the open doors and push their way through. Some fit, others barely make it and those that latch on and grab their footing end up with half of their body hanging outside of the train. It is just an unbelievable site in which we do not understand…until we ended up being one of those people… ~ Yes, as the train was approaching all the letters and numbers for the platforms changed and we were immediately thrown into a panic. What we thought was the correct platform to be standing at was not and where we needed to be was at the complete opposite end of the train from where we were. Mike was already wearing his backpack, I was not. He scooped up my backpack and we sprinted down the platform. Security guards smiled and rooted for us to continue on. We got to our cart and people were already jam packed hanging outside the doors. The train horn blew. We were going to miss this train….We saw a small empty door on the cart next to ours. We jumped in and the train began to move. The man checked our tickets, saw we were in the wrong place, also saw we were out of breath and sweaty and said "It's okay. You just sit here." ~ What the hell just happened… ~ #travelblogger #natgeo #natgeotravel #fodorsonthego #india #mathura #mathuraindia #mathurajunction #indiatrain #train #globeportraits #worldtraveler #globetrotters #globe_people #culturetrip #travel #authentictravel #passionpassport #traveldeeper #backpackersintheworld #earthcouples #earthofficial #discoverearth #afarmag #ayearorso

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In addition, traveling in India by train can be a different experience depending on the budget of each traveler. Travelers who want to save money spent on travel can compromise on economy class, and experience the real India. Tourists interested in a luxurious experience can buy first-class tickets, indulge in the meals served, in luxurious beds, a train car used as a restaurant, and even room service offered on some trains.

The train travel experience in India can be magical and romantic but also challenging. With trains being late at times, the journey may take longer than expected and sometimes even for whole days. For those who choose this alternative way to moving around in this magical and full of surprises country, one must be patient and understand that sometimes, the road is the real journey.