Traditional Souvenirs You Should Bring Home from Argentina

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. Photo by Fernando Távora on Unsplash

If you enjoy taking a tiny piece of each new country you visit back home with you, Argentina will leave you with many amazing options. It offers a wide range of traditional souvenirs that are more authentic than a fridge magnet or a keychain, and these are some of the very best.

Mate Set

Mate is one of the most popular traditional drinks in Argentina, and it’s often used instead of tea. You should bring some back home to drink with your friends and family or even get your own mate set.

Gaucho Knives

Traditional Argentinian knives are truly a sight to behold thanks to their craftsmanship, and they’re a souvenir that’s worth investing in.

Tango Shoes         

Tango made it far beyond the borders of Argentina, but it was born in this country. You can now buy tango shoes pretty much anywhere, but nothing compares to getting an authentic pair in the country of its origin.

Box of Alfajores

If you want to treat your loved ones to the taste of Argentina, a box of alfajores is all you need. These delicious biscuit sandwiches, often filled with dulce de leche, are one of the country’s most popular sweet treats.