Traditional Danish Foods That You Must Try In Denmark

Nyhavn, København, Denmark
Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

Danish cuisine is delicious and unique, and it’s mostly based on meat, flavorful pastry, and creamy fruit desserts. Check out these five traditional Danish foods that you must try on your trip to Denmark.


Caramelized potatoes were once considered a luxury because butter and sugar were expensive, but kartofler is now one of the most popular side dishes in Denmark.


Risalamande is a traditional Christmas dessert in Denmark and this is actually rice pudding with vanilla, whipped cream, almonds, and drizzle with delicious cherry sauce.


Æblekage means apple cake in Danish, but this traditional Danish dessert is more similar to a trifle. It’s made with layers of apples, caramelized oats, and whipped cream, it is super enjoyable and easy to prepare.


Pølser is actually a Danish hot dog made with red sausage, bun, and all sorts of tasty toppings. It’s one of the most popular foods in this country and must-try street food for tourists visiting Denmark.


Danish pastry is world-famous, so don’t miss out on trying their traditional rye bread called rugbrød. This dark bread can last for at least a few days and it’s super tasty and nutritious.