Tourist Traps You Should Skip

Times Square, New York.
Times Square, New York. Photo by Anthony Rosset on Unsplash

Tourist traps, or establishments or attractions created for the sole purpose of attracting tourists (and their money), rather than being authentic parts of local culture, are pretty much universally agreed-upon as being the worst. Yet they seem to get trickier and trickier, meaning that most of us travel-lovers have fallen for at least one in our lives. Well, to help you avoid making that same mistake again, here are some tourist traps you should definitely avoid.

Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

Sure, the Walk of Fame with all of its golden stars is pretty cool, but did you know that these are located on a plain old shopping street that would be just the same as any other if it weren’t for the dozens of people trying to take advantage of tourists by selling tickets to lame things or photos with guys in cheap costumes?

Times Square, New York

Similarly, Times Square in New York is basically the definition of a tourist trap, with nothing but overpriced chain restaurants and people trying to get money out of your pocket—legally or otherwise.

The London Eye, London

It may be a pretty iconic London landmark, but the London Eye isn’t much fun. Not only is it absurdly expensive, but you’ll get shoved into a capsule with 20 people, many of whom are screaming kids.