Top Rooftop Bars in Shanghai

The bustling commercial city of Shanghai, China is the world’s second largest city. It has huge, awesome buildings that reach up to the sky and really demonstrate the city’s wealth and power. One of the best ways to appreciate this remarkable skyline in style is from one of Shanghai’s many rooftop bars. Here are the top five that you really need to visit.


This dreamy rooftop bar offers first-rate views of the magical Shanghai skyline. The view is especially gorgeous at sunset when you can see the colossal buildings silhouetted against the fiery sky.

The CUT Rooftop

Known as the place for after work drinks, the Cut is a great place to loosen your tie and relax above the shimmering rooftops of the city.


Located in The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai hotel, it is safe to say that this bar attracts a lot of tourists and is expensive. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is one of the best places to witness the city move from day to night.

Bar Rouge

This is a bar for Shanghai’s high fliers. Drink champagne and cocktails over a beautiful Shanghai skyline among the city’s high society.

The Captain

A little cheaper than the other alternatives on this list, The Captain is the place to go for relatively affordable drinks, delicious cocktails and a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.