Top 3 Tips for Discovering Hidden Treasures of Your Own Country

Exploring your home country
Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

Many countries are easing restrictions for vaccinated travelers these days, but staycations will still be popular this summer until the borders fully reopen. If you think there’s nothing left to explore in your home country, it’s probably because you’re yet to discover many hidden treasures, and these useful tips will help you get there.

Social Media

Instagram and TikTok introduced us to many new hidden gems over the past year, and you can use them to your advantage. Follow pages dedicated to local tourism that will expose you to amazing new places, and check out the geotags of interesting spots that your friends visited.

Full Experience

Traveling for hours to see a single attraction doesn’t make much sense, but it will never happen if you do proper research. Check out if there are any interesting places you can explore along the way, and use your day trip to check out several hidden treasures at once.

Locals Know Best

When it comes to discovering lesser-known places of your home country, there are times when even Google doesn’t have all the answers. Once this happens, you can always rely on locals to give you some great advice and suggest amazing spots off the beaten track that you can explore.