Top 3 Melbourne Attractions Located Inside Carlton Gardens

Carlton Gardens, Melbourne, Australia
Photo by Geoff Brooks on Unsplash

If you’re a nature lover visiting Melbourne, Carlton Gardens is one of the first spots you should check out—but there’s more to it than picturesque green spaces and walking avenues. Several of the city’s top attractions are located in the heart of this World Heritage Site, and these three are definitely worth checking out during your visit.

Royal Exhibition Building

Safely tucked away in the heart of Carlton Gardens, the Royal Exhibition Building is one of its crowning jewels. This World Heritage-listed building is one of the city’s most recognizable architectural marvels and primarily serves as an exhibition space, but it also once hosted the first Parliament of Australia.

Melbourne Museum

Speaking of amazing exhibitions that you can visit while exploring Carlton Gardens, Melbourne Museum is also located on its grounds. It’s adjacent to the Royal Exhibition Building, and it hosts exhibitions that cover everything from history and culture to the geology and biodiversity of Australia.

Hochgurtel Fountain

One of the most striking features of Carlton Gardens, Hochgurtel Fountain can be found on the south side of the Royal Exhibition Building. The colossal fountain is around 10 meters high and it’s a great reminder of the glorious days of Victorian Melbourne, also known by the nickname Exhibition Fountain.