Top 3 Day Trips to Take From Istanbul, Turkey

Bursa, Turkey
Bursa, Turkey. Photo by Şeyma Sgz on Unsplash

Some tourists are content with spending their time in Istanbul, Turkey, inside the city borders. And that’s completely fine because the city has more than enough attractions to keep you occupied. However, if you are eager to make your vacation truly memorable or just want to escape the city noise, you might consider taking some of the following day trips from Istanbul.


If you are visiting during the summer, then Kilyos is a perfect choice for a day trip from Istanbul. This small village is nestled on the shores of the Black Sea and has some of the most beautiful beaches you had a chance to come across. You can also spend some time exploring Kilyos Castle from the 14th century.


If you are in Istanbul, then you are presented with a unique opportunity to visit the archeological remains of the ancient city of Troy. The city is famed for serving as a battleground of the Trojan War, according to Homer’s epic poem. The site is currently being excavated, but there is already plenty to see here. It was designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998.


If you are looking to explore more Turkish cities, then a visit to Bursa will definitely be worth your time. The city once served as the capital of the Ottoman Empire and is perhaps one of the best places to learn more about this once-glorious empire. The historical part of Bursa is where you want to spend most of your time as it has the city’s most impressive historical buildings and monuments.