Tips for Zero Waste Travel

Sustainable travel
Photo by Vlad B on Unsplash

You may have the zero or low waste thing down pat at home with all of your reusable bottles, washable napkins, and refillable toiletries and cleaning supplies. But what happens when you travel and a wrench gets thrown into your sustainable plans? Don’t worry; just follow these tips.

Bring Your Own Food

There are multiple advantages to bringing your own food when you travel. Not only will it keep costs low, but you’ll also pack them in reusable items like mason jars and fabric bags that you can then reuse when buying food at local shops and markets.

Choose Sustainable Lodging

While this may not be an option the world over, there are many cities worldwide that now have accommodations focused on low or even zero waste. By choosing this, you’re not only supporting them with your dollar, but you’re also maintaining your commitment to living zero waste yourself.

Don’t Print

These days, there’s really no reason to print your boarding pass, copies of your passport, or other travel documents. Just have copies saved on your phone and you’ll be good to go.

Bring Waterless Toiletries

The lighter your luggage, the lower your carbon footprint. Keep things lightweight by packing sustainable, waterless toiletries such as shampoo bars.