Three Signs You Should Avoid a Restaurant

Photo by David T on Unsplash

Those of us who travel frequently know that it can be way too easy to get baited into eating at touristy restaurants that simply aren’t good. Combining mediocre food with poor service and high prices, these are definitely the restaurants that you want to avoid eating at while traveling.

Ever wondered how to spot one of these restaurants from the outside? Here are three simple tips that will tell you to run far away, fast.

Workers Advertising the Restaurant in the Street

We hate to say it, but if a restaurant feels the need to send a worker out to the street to try to get diners to come in, it’s probably not worth eating at. Restaurants that are good in touristy areas will fill up quickly without any kind of pushy advertising being needed.

Stock Photos of Food

Be sure to check out the menu of any restaurant before choosing to eat there. And if you see stock photos of food on the menu, run far, far away! This means that the food that will be served to you will look completely different, and if not, it probably comes out of a box and is heated up in the microwave.

Exorbitant Prices for Normal Dishes

It’s completely reasonable to expect to spend a little bit more if dining at a place in a heavily-trafficked area, but it doesn’t make any sense to pay $20 for a cheese pizza. Prices like this usually apply to restaurants where the food isn’t that good, anyway.