Three Reasons To Visit Malaga, Spain

Malaga, Spain
Photo by Jonas Hoss on Unsplash

Located in the sun-drenched province of Andalusia, the ancient city of Malaga is a must-see when in Spain. This city is packed full of culture, nightlife, fantastic food and some truly stunning scenery. Here, check out three of the best reasons to visit this Spanish city.

Picasso Was Born Here

The city makes no secret of the fact that it is the birthplace of one of the world’s most famous artists. There is a Picasso trail around the city, a museum dedicated to the artist, and most of the city’s major art galleries boast at least one or two of the artist’s famous works. The influence of Picasso is seen everywhere, from the decor choices of cafes to the works produced by contemporary local artists today.

There Is History Here

In the centre of modern Malaga is a Roman amphitheatre dating back to the first century BCE. Across the city, there are remnants and ruins of all of the civilisations and peoples who have lived here. If you’re a history buff, it may be worth booking onto a guided walking tour, so that you can get a really good insight into the depth and breadth of the history on offer in Malaga.

Five Star Cuisine

Across Spain, food is taken very seriously and you will find some of the best dishes in the world across this European country. Malaga specializes in pescaíto frito, otherwise known as fried fish, as well as a range of other seafood dishes. There are multiple amazing tapas bars dotted around the city, in fact it’s hard to go wrong when eating out in Malaga as almost every cafe or restaurant is of unbelievably high standard.

Malaga is a beautiful, artistic city with a fantastic history and food culture to match, so make sure you check it out if you’re visiting Spain.