Three of the Best Forests in Europe

Photo by Alex Larusso on Unsplash

In fairytales, forests are the realms of witchcraft and magic, and dark, dangerous beasts. Although in reality, modern woodlands may be far safer and more serene than these images suggest, there is something seductive about the deep, dark woods. Check out these beautiful European woodlands which are just waiting to be explored.

The Black Forest, Germany

Miles upon miles of ancient coniferous forest make up Germany’s Black Forest. This really is a magical realm, and you can absolutely imagine a character from Grimm’s fairy tales wandering through these woods. Stay in one of the many campsites so you can explore the forest on foot, and don’t forget to try the regional delicacy of Black Forest Gateaux.

Kesariani Forest, Greece

Situated just outside of Athens, these woods feature ancient oak, lemon, and olive trees. There are foot and bike paths, and many picnic areas where you’ll see Athenians relaxing on a Sunday. If you’re up for a challenge, hike all the way up to the peak and gaze out at views across the woods, towards Athens and the sea.

Irati Forest, Spain

This is the second largest mixed beech-fir forest in Europe and is set amongst spectacular scenery as it straddles the boundary of the Pyrenees National Park. Visiting in autumn is particularly special, as the beech leaves transform to a deep gold or red and the warm Spanish sun lights them up.

Forests are seriously special places, and Europe has plenty to choose from. With their natural beauty and cultural charm, each of these forests would make a perfect vacation destination.