Three of the Best Countries to go Hiking

Fjordland, Southland, New Zealand
Fjordland, Southland, New Zealand. Photo by Gulfside Mike on Unsplash

If you love to go on hiking holidays, you may want to read on to find out three of the best countries to go hiking in! These countries have well-designed footpaths and incredible scenery that enable you to enjoy some of the most incredible views while remaining safe and on a well-trodden track. Here are three of the best countries for hiking.


Switzerland is a small but amazingly beautiful country in Europe nestled in the center of the Alps. It attracts millions of visitors each year for its skiing resorts in the winter, but also glorious hiking options in the summer months. With other 65,000 kilometers of established hiking footpaths, Switzerland has lots to offer to hikers of varying abilities.


With its dramatic fjords, rugged mountains, and pristine wilderness areas, Norway offers some of the most spectacular hiking opportunities in the world. Explore the majestic landscapes of the Norwegian fjords, where you can hike along dramatic cliffs, past thundering waterfalls, and through lush valleys carved by ancient glaciers.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a stunning hiking destination with a range of incredible landscapes. From the rainforest fjordland in the south near Te Anau to the imposing mountains of Mount Cook National Park, there are hiking trails for all abilities. New Zealand also has some incredible flora and fauna for hikers who are used to the European Alps.