Three Foodie Destinations To Check Out In The US

740 N Rush St, Chicago, United States
Photo by Jonathan J. Castellon on Unsplash

The US offers a wide array of culinary options, from Tex-Mex in the south to Italian-inspired dishes in cities such as Chicago and New York. If you’re planning on touring the US and would like to make a few foodie stops, check out these three top destinations.

New Orleans

This city combines a range of cultures, including African, Caribbean, French, and Italian, and this melting pot is reflected in its food offerings. Sample classic Creole and Cajun dishes, including gumbo, jamabalaya, and po’boys, or opt for some traditional French pastries and sweets such as pralines and croissants. Don’t forget to relax with a drink in the evenings, New Orleans’ cocktail culture is second to none.


How does deep dish pizza sound? The windy city prides itself on some truly delicious Italian-origin dishes, and there’s a reason that Disney’s The Bear is set here. Try some of the stunning sandwiches, or try some finer dining and sample fresh pasta and fresh seafood.

Los Angeles

In this city, you can eat clean and green every day, or sample some of the heaviest junk food in the world. The city really does offer it all, with wellness-inspired restaurants provoding all-natural, organic menus, and street food trucks catering to those who want the tastiest pizzas, burgers, and fries money can buy. Why not combine both, and sample a taste of both sides of Los Angeles?

By absorbing so much food culture from around the globe, America can cater to pretty much any food tastes. Each of these cities has its own unique food scene, so you will be able to try exquisite dishes unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.