This is Why You Must Visit Zanzibar: the Magical African Island

Zanzibar consistently ranks as the home to some of the nicest beaches in the world. The island is less than 50 miles from Dar es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania. Zanzibar has its own international airport along with boat shuttles and flights to mainland Tanzania making it easily accessible no matter where you are coming from.

Zanzibar City, the biggest city and capital is famous for its historic Stonetown. Old spice and fish markets line the streets of what used to be the stopover point of trade between the East and West. Zanzibar was also where the slave trade was centered, and the slave museum will explain the sad history behind it.

Freddie Mercury’s house from when he was a young child is also in the historic district, along with the old fort and the Sultan’s palace. Despite all the great things to do here, don’t get too caught up in the big city because the best beaches are in the North!

Nungwi is the northern part of the island with the famous white sand beaches and beautiful turquoise water. ATVing, snorkeling, fishing, and relaxing on the beach are some of the best activities here. Scuba diving courses and other water activities can keep you busy for weeks and will make you fall in love with the incredible island!