This German City Looks Like It Got out of a Fairytale

Freudenberg, Germany. Photo by romrodinka/Depositphotos

Traveling to Germany? Chances are you’re going to one of the bigger cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, or Frankfurt, but there’s a charming little place that definitely deserves your attention. It’s called Freudenberg and it’s the most charming place we’ve recently seen. 

Freudenberg is located in western Germany, an hour away from three cities: Cologne, Dortmund, and Bonn. Two-thirds of the city area is covered in forests, and the rest is filled with charming, authentic architecture.

All of the 80 homes in the city that date back to the 17th century look the same and they’re unlike anything you’ve seen before. Black and white facades with visible timber instantly make you feel like you’re in a fairytale. The best time to visit Freudenberg is during fall or winter, especially when snow covers the roofs of these charming houses.

The town became popular due to Instagram photos and we absolutely support the idea of visiting this and similar places that aren’t as popular but make wonderful destinations for unique trips.