This Chinese Restaurant in New York Will Have You Waiting Out the Door

Throughout New York City, you’ll be sure to find plenty of Chinese food. However, there’s one spot in Chinatown that you really just can’t miss out on. The place is called Wo Hop and to go, you really need to know a couple of things.

First of all, when you go, there will be an upstairs restaurant that you will be tempted to go to but don’t! Though the upstairs restaurant is fine, it’s definitely not as good as the basement restaurant. No one knows why, but it is really a fact. So, next door to the upstairs restaurant will be a basement entrance that has a small covering over the stairs.

You’ll know it’s for Wo Hop because there is generally a line most days of the week. And though you might be kept waiting for 20-40 minutes, once you get in, everything is very fast! But, you won’t feel rushed to get out of the restaurant which is really nice.

The menu offers all your standard Chinese food, plus some extra funky ones, and fun dishes like curried noodles. Everything is incredibly cheap and delicious, and once you get there and eat the food, you’ll see how important of an experience it really is.

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