Things to Do On the Island of Capri

Capri, Italy
Capri, Italy. Photo by Ian Badenhorst on Unsplash

A rocky island on the southern edge of the Bay of Naples in Italy, Capri is a famous holiday destination beloved by historians, celebrities, and daytrippers alike. Known for its class, beauty, myths, sea views, and fancy boutiques, Capri is well worth visiting, and a total dream honeymoon destination. Here’s what we recommend doing while you’re there.

Take a Boat Tour to the Blue Grotto

Being that it’s an island, Capri is best discovered by sea. You can join a group boat tour or rent a boat on your own depending on your budget, and then take a journey from the port around the island to the famous Blue Grotto, where the water is so stunning you’ll barely be able to believe it.

Take the Chair Lift Up Mount Solaro

Do you like breathtaking views? Then you’ll have to take the chairlift from Piazza Vittoria up to Mount Solaro, where the views are the kind you’ll remember for your whole life.

Have a Romantic Dinner

Capri is full of elegant restaurants serving amazing food at beautiful locations with gorgeous sea views, and having a romantic dinner while sampling traditional Italian food is an absolute must while you’re there.