Things You Need To Put in Your First-Aid Kit

Image via Rawpixel on Unsplash

Your trip can get ruined if you get sick or hurt. In some countries, you can’t always buy medicine, so you should always bring your travel first aid kit with you. These are the things without you shouldn’t leave your home.

Medication for digestive problems

Diarrhea or a stomachache is the most common health problem among travelers. Eating unusual foods and drinking local tap water can cause your stomach sensitive. So, pack antacids for indigestion and heartburn, diarrhea medication, rehydration remedies and of course, something out of ginger (teabags or ginger candy).

Purification tablets

If you are going to a country where the water isn’t completely clean, pack a bunch of purification tablets or bring with you a purifying device. Even though the price of the tablets is much more affordable than the device’s, it works slower. Meanwhile, the purifying device will make safe drinkable water on the spot.


Painkillers are another must you should bring with you on your trip. Headaches, back pain or any kind of aches can be easily treated with acetaminophen or ibuprofen. However, if you use codeine-based tablets, you should check if they are legal in the country you are visiting.

Antiseptic products and Band-Aids

If you accidentally fall, cut yourself or step on a sea urchin during your vacation, use antiseptic products to prevent infections and cover it with a Band-Aid or gauze. The liquid bandage is maybe the best option because it contains antiseptic and local anesthetic as well.