These Majorly Popular Tourist Spots Aren’t Worth the Hype

Pier 39, San Francisco, CA.
Pier 39, San Francisco, CA. Photo by Jared Lisack on Unsplash

Some places are widely viewed as must-sees among tourists. After all, who doesn’t want to see the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and Machu Picchu? Well, it turns out that some “must-visit” tourist spots aren’t actually worth all of the money and time that it takes to go see them. Here are the places that you might want to cross off of your bucket lists.

The Mona Lisa, Paris, France

There’s a reason that The Louvre is the world’s most popular museum, attracting nearly 10 million visitors a year. But it has so much more to offer than just the Mona Lisa, which many people seem to prioritize above any other tourist attraction in Paris. Unfortunately, the Mona Lisa is so crowded that it’s nearly impossible to get a good look at it鈥攐r a photo that doesn’t have a million people in it.

Pier 39, San Francisco, CA

In any list of places to see in San Francisco, you’re likely to find Pier 39, a popular shopping center and tourist attraction. Well, unfortunately, many tourists who were attracted there reported back that it’s little more than a tourist trap with overpriced shops and restaurants.

Mannekin Pis, Brussels, Belgium

It may be one of the most famous landmarks in Brussels, but the Mannekin Pis is really just a small statue of a boy urinating into a fountain – and it’s tucked into an unexpected corner on an unexciting street and surrounded by tourists taking photos.