These Innovative Carry-On Items Will Help You Avoid Checked Baggage Fees

Elderly couple traveling
Photo by Vidar Nordli Mathiseon on Unsplash

As any frequent flyer knows, flights can sometimes be exorbitant. As a result, it’s sometimes worthwhile to try to cut down costs wherever you can, including checked baggage fees. Here are some innovative carry-on items that will help you travel light and avoid some of those pesky additional costs.

Rockland London Hardside 20-inch Carry-on Spinner

With a generous 20 inches of storage space, this Rockland bag will give you the extra room you need to store all of your essentials without needing baggage. It also comes with an interior mesh zip pocket to hold smaller items such as toiletries and straps to secure your clothing in place.

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

If you’ve already filled your regular carry-on with clothes, then this backpack will do well to keep your laptop and other valuables secure, especially if you’re headed on a business trip. This Matein Travel Laptop Backpack comes with a built-in USB charger along with pen pockets and enough compartments to keep your smaller items organized and easy to find.

Fyy Travel Cable Organizer

From laptop chargers to smartphone cables, USBs, HDMIs and more, the last thing you want to do when you land is sit for hours untangling cables in your bag. Fortunately, this travel cable organizer will keep your cables in check, providing each one with a separate compartment to keep everything safe and tangle-free.