These Common Road Trip Mistakes Are Costing You a Fortune

A man on a road trip in Bastrop, Texas
Photo by Natalie Rhea on Unsplash

Road trips can be super-cheap or pretty expensive, depending on how well-planned they are. If you want to make sure your next road trip is as affordable as possible, these tips will get you there.

Traveling Alone

In addition to being more fun, traveling with other people is a great money saver. You’ll be able to split the bill for gas, food, and other expenses instead of paying for everything on your own.

Expensive Accommodation

Road trips are all about embracing the sense of adventure, so there’s no need to pay a fortune for accommodation. Use them to discover the magic of camping, and only look for alternative types of logging if the weather is bad.

Come Prepared

Road trips often tend to be pretty spontaneous, but having no plan isn’t always so great for your budget. Check if your insurance covers roadside emergencies that might occur, do your research to find the cheapest gas prices, and have a travel plan so you wouldn’t waste time and gas going to pointless locations.

Don’t Eat Out

You’ll spend a fortune on food if you’re eating out all the time. Pack your own snacks so you wouldn’t have to buy overpriced ones at gas stations, and look for affordable dining experiences with a local feel whenever you can’t prepare your own meals.