These Are Some of the Greenest Cities on the Planet

Photo by Jace & Afsoon on Unsplash

Once our travel habits return to normal, many of us will stop taking travel for granted and pay more attention to doing it properly. One of the ways to travel more responsibly is to visit the cities that promote ecology and being kind to nature.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The first city on our list is obviously Copenhagen. The capital of Denmark has everything you need to spend your days not harming the planet—perfect cycling infrastructure, swimming options in the middle of the city, more than enough parks and green surfaces, etc.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver has plenty of ecological resources and it utilizes them in the best possible way. There’s the ocean, hundreds of parks, beaches, and a buzzing city center perfect for modern urban life. It’s a perfect mix of nature and city life and a favorite of many travelers.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Thousands of cyclists cruise through the city of Amsterdam every day and its waterfront areas are perfect for relaxing and enjoying life. Sustainability is at the heart of the city and it shows everywhere you go.