These 3 European Places Could Easily Be in a Wes Anderson Movie

Palmenhaus Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria. Photo by Mélanie Martin on Unsplash

There aren’t many movies that are as aesthetically pleasing as the ones directed by Wes Anderson. Once you see a few of them, you start noticing locations that could be a part of his new movie everywhere around you. It’s all about the symmetry, pastel colors, and retro vibes. Here are three European locations that look like a Wes Anderson movie set that you can visit in real life. 

Warsaw University of Technology 

The Warsaw University in Poland has a long history and dates back to the early 19th century. It’s the oldest technical research establishment in the country and it’s settled in a stunning building. 

Palmenhaus Schönbrunn, Austria 

If you’ve ever visited Vienna, the capital of Austria, chances are you checked out the Schönbrunn Palace. But did you see its huge greenhouse that’s home to so many types of plants? It’s incredibly beautiful and deserves a place on this list we’re making. 

Teatro de Maestranza, Spain

The opera house in Seville, Spain, was built in 1991. To this day, it’s considered one of the best venues in the country. And when it comes to its design, one look at the color palette will make it clear why we had to include it.